The Science of Learning

What is the "Learning Curve"?


The term "Learning Curve" has been used in a variety of ways. For this site's purposes, we will use it in the manner originally intended and pertaining to psychology.  Simply stated,  

the learning curve is a graphical representation of your rate of progress when learning new information. The learning curve is accelerated through repetition and practice of new skills.

What is the "Forgetting Curve"?


In the field of psychology the term "forgetting curve" relates to how our brain's ability to retain information will decreases over time. When you learn something new, your retention is at 100% . In just the first few days after learning something new, memory retention drops off to around 40%. This process is compounded with the biggest memory loss being in the first  days.  After the first few days, the forgetting happens  more slowly.

Our workshops, one-to-one training and online  programs are designed with these scientific learning principles in mind.

What is "Spaced Repetition"?


Spaced repetition is a learning technique that is based on reviewing and repeating information in small chunks and at gradually increasing  intervals.  The science of it is that the more often that you have seen any given piece of new information, the fewer the number of times you will need to review  it in order to retain it in your long-term memory and make it "your own".